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Los Angeles Chapter Fund Raiser October 4, 2014

Los Angeles Chapter Fund Raiser
October 4, 20114

Honoring Doctor Jason Boutros & raising funds for the maternity ward and baby care center of the Providence Hospital.
The Los Angeles chapter of the American Lebanese Medical Association has committed itself for the furnishing of the Maternity ward and baby care center of the Providence Hospital.

The Providence hospital is located between the towns of Ain Ebel and Rmeish in Caza bint Jbeil in southern Lebanon. The Providence Hospital was built on a 5 acres of land donated by the Ain Ebel municipality in 1987 to the Archdiocese of Tyr under the leadership of the Late Bishop Maroon Sader. In 1990, The Lebanese government approved the site of the hospital building project. By early 2002 the original building was completed and by 2004 it was used as a medical clinic with one full time General practitioner and weekly visits by specialists: Cardiologist, Gynecologist, Optometrist and a dentist that visited the center on a weekly basis and attended to the needs of the patients. In 2007 the Italian government with the support of the Papal administration in Rome, donated 1.5 million dollars toward the expansion of the Medical center to a 50 bed hospital. In 2010, with the leadership of Bishop Chukrallah Nabil El Hajj, the archdiocese of Tyr raised another 1.5 million dollars to complete the building of the hospital. The final touches on the building will be done by June of 2015.

The Los Angeles Chapter of ALMA will raise the funds necessary to create a state of the art maternity ward for the Providence hospital.

At the end of the event Temple Hospital of los Angeles donated 10 electric beds and Doctor Jason Boutros added 6 more beds in the names of his six Children.

Joseph Hasrouni Pharm.D.
ALMA/ Los Angeles chapter President


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