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Houston Chapter and News Section

The Houston Chapter of ALMA focuses on establishing a network and referral site for all Lebanese medical professionals in the Greater Houston area. We strive to implement the stated goals of the ALMA mission statement. Among our major objectives is to develop a society through which physicians and other health care professionals who share Lebanese heritage or a humanitarian interest in Lebanon and its people may come together and undertake concrete projects to improve the health and well being of Lebanon's diverse religious and cultural communities.

Most recently, a medical team (members of the Houston Chapter) visited Lebanon and participated in the mobile clinic in various regions throughout Lebanon. The medical team included doctors from different specialties. They examined and treated more than 70 patients during this trip. In addition, ALMA held a medical symposium Advances in Infectious Diseases at Hotel Pheonecia.

Through various events and projects, and the hard work and dedication of our members, we hope to accomplish our mission and be an exemplary chapter within the ALMA organization.


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