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Financial Aid for Medical Students in 2020


Disaster Relief (Beirut - Lebanon)

We hope that you and your families are staying well and safe during these trying times. The American Lebanese Medical Association (ALMA) is continuing its mission in helping Lebanese students achieve their medical education goals. 

Lebanon in general and the healthcare system, in particular, have come under unprecedented series of disasters due to the political turmoil that has been brewing for decades, resulting in economic, social, healthcare and financial downturn. The collapse of the Lebanese pound and scarcity of the dollar have manifested themselves in extreme poverty and unemployment forcing families to choose between food and education. On top of all this, the COVID-19 pandemic deprived Lebanon of the yearly benefits of summer tourism, which added to the very high level of unemployment, massive business closures and any hope of a financial lifeline. 


When we thought it couldn’t get any worse, our beloved City of Beirut suffered a massive explosion that rocked not only our beloved capital, but the whole country. This tragedy has resulted in killing more than 150 citizens so far with hundreds missing under the rubble, more than 5,000 injured, and the destruction of at least 3 hospitals, 7,000 businesses, and 40,000 housing units forcing more than 350,000 individuals out of their homes.


Our country is facing its biggest challenge and the fortunate and compassionate Lebanese people that are living abroad have been called to help our families and loved ones in Lebanon to rescue our country and prevent its demise.


The ALMA Board, due to the horrid catastrophic situation, held an emergency meeting and decided to make a significant increase to its commitment in furthering its mission. The ALMA Board has, therefore, decided this year to financially support 4 students from each medical school and 4 pharmacy students. This brings our total commitment for 2020 to $78,000.


We feel confident that the generosity of our members and sponsors will keep supporting our mission. The ALMA Board is grateful for your trust and your contribution to educate the next generation of Lebanese healthcare professionals. This fund is merely a drop in an ocean of need but every drop counts and makes that ocean whole.


If you would like to add to the commitment, please mail us a check or donate online by following this link: http://almamater.org/payhere.aspx


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