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Covid-19 Telethon on MTV

The Los Angeles chapter of the American Lebanese medical Association (ALMA) is proud to have taken part of the special telethon to raise money for the fight against Covid-19. The Telethon took place on Sunday March 21 Via the Lebanese channel MTV with its main broadcaster and talk show host Marcel Ghanem. The Los Angeles chapter contributed $4,000 earmarked to help the medical staff and frontline healthcare workers in their efforts to combat the spread of the Corona virus as well as the treatment of patients who seek help. The donation was wired to the hospital of Notre Dame De Secours in Jbeil, Lebanon. There are two main Covid-19 centers in Lebanon, Notre Dame De Secours, and the Hariri Hospital in Beirut. ALMA in Los Angeles would like to take the opportunity to thank all the individuals who donated to this cause and made our donation possible.

Rosana Ayoub Zayek/ President
Joseph Hasrouni/Treasurer
ALMA L.A. Chapter



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