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The American Lebanese Medical Association (ALMA) was established as a non-profit Corporation in the State of Massachusetts on January 13, 1994. The objectives of ALMA are:

  • To develop a society through which physicians and other health care professionals who share Lebanese heritage or a humanitarian interest in Lebanon and its people may come together and undertake concrete projects to improve the health and well being of all of Lebanon's diverse logo.jpgreligious and cultural communities To hold an annual medical convention in Lebanon to enhance advanced training and promote scientific exchanges between American and Lebanese medical professionals.

  • To foster the creation and development of academic institutions and health care facilities of excellence in Medicine and Surgery in Lebanon.

  • To build, in conjunction with the Lebanese Medical Association, a Doctor's Library, to provide access to advanced publications, books, magazines and audio-visual material to Lebanese medical and health care professionals.

  • To assist, through publication, subscription and wide dissemination, Lebanese scientific publications, such as the Lebanese Medical Journal, to reach a wider audience and publish high quality scientific material.



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