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Welcome Doctor Rosana Ayoub Zayek LA President Elect 2017

The American Lebanese Medical association, Los Angeles Chapter, held a meeting on Sunday January 29, 2017. The main purpose of the meeting was the election of the new President for the chapter. A brief discussion took place about the accomplishments of the outgoing officers and the membership at large. Due to the presence of many new members, the outgoing president, Joseph Hasrouni Pharm.D. gave an overview of ALMA, its different chapters, its accomplishments at the local level as well as in Lebanon.

The attendees asked many inquisitive questions which were responded to by many of the past Presidents of ALMA, including Doctors Eli Ayoub, Paul Wakim, Imad El Asmar as well as myself, Joseph Hasrouni. After a discussion of the responsibilities of the president and ALMA’s outlook for the future, the attendees elected Doctor Rosana Ayoub Zayek as new President of the chapter. The chapter membership at large will elect the new officers of the Los Angeles chapter to help Doctor Rosana Ayoub Zayek in her new role. In the center of the picture is Doctor Rosana Ayoub Zayek, and to her left: Doctors Christian Zayek, Elie Ayoub, Tamara Ayoub, Cynthia Chagouri, and Joelle Ayoub. To her right: Doctors Paul Wakim Imad El Asmar, Joseph Hasrouni, Fouad El khoury, Ghada Aschkar, Jasmin El Khoury, and Rebecca El Khoury.

We wish Doctor Rosana Ayoub Zayek the best of luck in her new role.

Joseph Hasrouni Pharm.D.
Past Los Angeles Chapter president

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