Doctors Working Together

Huricane Katrina

Dear fellow ALMA members,

Hope you all had a great summer. Our prayers are with our fellow Americans suffering in the Gulf States due to Hurricane Katrina. I lived in Louisiana for many years and hope that New Orleans will be rebuilt again. There will be a meeting announced in the next few days for either late Sep/early October. In the meeting, we hope to discuss the CLC/ALMA seminar as well as preparing for the mini health fair and discuss other humanitarian events. I would appreciate your input and your attendance at the meeting. We had a successful event in Lebanon with the National Meeting and pictures will be posted on our new website in the next few days. Please look at our new website and give any feedback to improve our website.

NON-ALMA sponsored event:

One of our fellow members, Dr. Bernard Bendok, is co directing a Symposium on new developments on stroke treatment and imaging on September 10th. Call 312-926-0960 to register. Attached is the flyer for the symposium. It is $20/ person. Thanks, Dr. Zeina Kalache Abboud Chicago Chapter President - ALMA


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