Doctors Working Together

Health Fair August 2011, Caza Bint Jbeil

Four years later, after its first Health fair in the south of Lebanon, ALMA reached again to help some villagers of Caza Bint Jbeil with a health fair. Over a span of 5 days, ALMA sponsored a program put forth with the Al Inaya Medical center in the outskirts of Ain Ebel and Hanine to help some needy people for a general physical, lab test, Opthomologist and an endocrinologist. 3.jpgThe theme of the event was Diabetes, Diagnosis and prevention.

Leased cars and buses transported the patients to the medical center at no charge to them. For some it was their first follow up since 2007. The patients belonged to the four villages adjacent to the Al Inaya center, Ain Ebel, Hanine, Rmeish and Debel.

The Maronite archdiocese of Tyr supports and sponsors many of the medical needs of the center. The Nuns of Charity manage the everyday functions of the center. A full time internist, Doctor Matar Matar, staffs the center with the assistance of a registered nurse, Salma El Hajj. One receptionist, Heba Andraos, welcomes everyone with her gentle smile and big heart while tending to her 2-year-old baby.

Over the span of five days, from August 16 to 20, 2011 ALMA sponsored the medical visits of 200 patients. The Lab technicians, Madonna 2.jpgHanna and Mohammad Bazzi were busy registering and providing the lab results to the medical staff. The theme of the 2011 Health Fair was Diabetes: Diagnosis and prevention. For that purpose, we called on the endocrinologist Doctor Kasem Saad. Doctor Saad attended the Health Fair and helped diagnose patients with diabetes, educated them and gave them the healthy recipe on how to safely manage Diabetes and prevent its potential side effects.


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