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Chicago October 15 2005 Meeting

Dear Fellow ALMA Members

Many thanks for your attendance it was great having all 15 members in this meeting; the Meeting was  a success, and the national plans preview from our National President Dr. Paul Wakim were great and we are all looking forward to he next national meeting in Palm Spring or Las Vegas.  The minutes of meeting will be posted on this page later this week. As discussed in our meeting we will be adding our members profiles to our Chicago chapter section of the ALMA website.

Attendees for our Saturday 15th meeting were

Dr. Antoun Nader  ..
Dr. Fadi & Kathi Habib
Dr. Sabah and Tina Khalifa
Dr. Amjad and Jennifer Zureikat
Dr. Roland and Nadia Yammine
Dr. George Farah
Dr. Susan Gerves
Dr. Sam and Ghada Dibs

Click here to see the pictures from our meeting.

Dr. Zeina Kalache Abboud
Chicago Chapter President - ALMA

Meeting Minutes Summary for the Chicago Chapter of ALMA

October 15, 2005

The Meeting took place at the home of our President, Dr. Zeina Kalache Abboud A delicious Lebanese meal was catered by Kawkab Shaheen.  We thank her for her generosity.

Attendees for the meeting included:

    Dr. Zeina Kalache Abboud
    Dr. Antoun Nader
    Dr. Fadi & Kathy Habib
    Dr. George Farah
    Dr. Sabah and Tina Khalifa
    Dr. Amjad and Jennifer Zureikat
    Dr. Roland and Nadia Yammine

    Dr. Susan Gervers and Dr. Jeffrey Feathergill
    Dr. Sam and Ghada Dibs

The following agenda was discussed at the meeting:

  • National President Dr. Paul Wakim via teleconference provided us with a preview to the next national meeting to be held in either Palm Springs, California or Las Vegas, Nevada in February, (2006 4-6 hours of CME).
  • Dr. Wakim also noted the successful Medical Meeting held at the Portemelio Resort in Kaslik Lebanon, August 11th-14th, 2005.
  • Discussed the upcoming ALMA-CLC lunch meeting to be held on Sunday, November, 13, 2005  at 2:30.  ALMA will have 2-3 of our members speak on relevant medical and related psychology topics.   Ideas for topics were also discussed among our various members.
  • Discussed health fair to take place in a church and mosque this winter/Spring details will be discussed at the next meeting.
  • Mrs. Yammine provided us with a summary of the treasury report.
  • Present members voted to have a yearly fee of $100 paid up front for all the meetings (plan for 5 meetings/yr), starting in January 2006.  If you do not attend all of the meetings, that part of the fee will be considered a donation to ALMA.
  • Mr. Farid Abboud presented us the National ALMA website that he designed (  Upon our request, he will be adding our member’s profiles to the Chicago chapter section of the ALMA website for a nominal fee of $50/year of which $30 donated back to ALMA.  Any further questions regarding member’s profiles contact Farid Abboud 630-310-8629.
  • Plan for the next meeting in January 2006 – elections for new officers will be held at that time.
Submitted by ALMA secretary, Dr. Susan Gervers


  • Meeting in Dec/Jan with elections (more info later)
  • CLC/ALMA Educational Seminar (November 13th 2:30 at Maza - (More info / flyer)
  • Many other ALMA related activities are happening around the nation. Please take a look at the activities section on ALMA Website.

    For those who requested our caterer's number from the last meeting
        Contact Information :
        Name : Kowkab Shaheen
        TEL  : 630-963-4752


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